ART for LAND” Exhibition and Fundraiser for Auroville’s Land: January 1st to February 15th 2018

The 2018 edition of Art for Land kicks off on January 1st in this significant “Happy 50th Birthday Auroville” year! This year’s Art for Land Year 3 will go even further than in previous years with a six-week exhibition of donated works by over 80 artists from Auroville, India, several Auroville International centers, and from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram (some early works were blessed by The Mother). These paintings, prints photographs (including by the late Dominique Darr who immortalized Auroville’s bare-land start), ceramics, glasswork, sculptures and jewelry will be on display at the Unity Pavilion as well as on our online gallery. Several works will be available via donation as cards and prints. As before, there will be the possibility of acquiring rare donated photos of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

NEW WAYS TO RESERVE AND DONATE: All the works will be immediately available to donors on a daily basis starting Januray 1st in recognition of a donation (replacing our previous closing-day auctions). Works can be viewed and then reserved via our website or at The Unity Pavilion directly. Donation reservations will be held for 10 days after confirmation.

Several land fundraising events are planned for January and February at the Unity Pavilion. Please check our event schedule around Auroville, at the Unity Pavilion, and at

We warmly invite your presence at our festive closing celebration of art and land on February 15th which will feature a visual presentation of “The Mother – Artist & Artistic Influence” as well as film clips, music, and snacks.

*Our sincere appreciation goes to Rakhal who has again generously photographed all the works shown on our website.