Art for Auroville Land Exhibition and Auction: February / March 2016

How it all started...
Auroville artists donating works for the purchase of much-needed land for Auroville is not new. About a decade ago - around 2005 - a beautiful selection of paintings and ceramics were displayed on Auroville\'s website, available for sale, with proceeds going towards land purchases.
After a long pause, it was in January 2016 that a few Aurovilians working with land fundraising and the Arts felt it was time give the artists\' community a chance to participate in the efforts for the land. An invitation was sent out to artists to contribute art works to an action sale on occasion of the \'Landing Auroville\' community event. Our expectations were modest, and we were joyfully overwhelmed when in the span of a few days more than 80 art works were brought in, with more being promised!
We realised that given the number and quality of works, it was impossible to do justice with a small auction as part of a bigger event. The first step was therefore to show all these works in an exhibition, and Unity Pavilion was kind enough to offer its walls during the months of February and March. On 1st of March (at the end of the traditional guest season), a small community-based auction took place at Unity Pavilion, setting a tone of generous giving and joyful appreciation of art and artists. It was however clear that the real scope for these works of art would be a wider sharing and sales through the internet.
Thanks to the generous help of Rakhal who photographed all the work, and of Jasmin and Suresh who built this site, these works are now brought to you online. 
We are still in the early stages, and will endeavour to improve this beautiful initiative as we gather practical experience. Your feedback and suggestions are gratefully appreciated!