‘Beauty is his footprint showing us where he has passed’


1 - Enjoy browsing the art works in the online gallery!

You can choose different options for viewing: By artist or by category of art

 2 - Click on any art work to get a closer view, details on art and artist, and an online enquiry / offering form.

 3 - Ask your questions and make your donation offer through the form provided. Once you have submitted an enquiry or offer, you will receive a reply as soon as technically possible. This may occasionally take a day or so.

 4 - A friendly reservation system:

The art work for which you have offered a donation shall be reserved for you for a period of 10 days from the date of receipt of your offer form.

5 - Suggested minimum donation:

In the spirit of free and generous donating, there are no rigidly stipulated donations per work. You may make a donation offer as high as you may want to because your donation is a contribution towards buying land for which no amount is too big. However, based on the guidance by the artists, we indicate a suggested minimum donation for each artwork.  If your offer does not meet the suggested minimum donation the team will still consider and let you know whether the artwork can be gifted to you.

6 - Ways to send your donation

   a) By check made out to “Auroville Unity Fund, Town Hall, 605101 Auroville, TN, India”

             Please indicate that your donation is for ART FOR LAND, Account N° 252412

   b) By bank transfer to “Auroville Unity Fund, State Bank of India, Auroville Township, Branch Code: SBIN003160

            Please indicate that your donation is for ART FOR LAND:

               - For Non-Indian donors:      Swift Code: SBININBB474    Account N° 10237876508

               - For Indian donors:  Swift Code: SBININBB474    Account N° 10237876508

                            For tax exemptions for Indian donors, see Point d below

c) By credit or debit card via the Auroville Donation Gateway

                         www.auroville.com/donations/ using the specific button for ACRES FOR AUROVILLE

 d) SPECIAL: Tax exemptions for Indian donors

          Please indicate that your donation is for ACRES FOR AUROVILLE:

                - 100% tax-exempt receipts: IFS Code – SBIN0003160   Account N° 31612623238

                - 50% tax-exempt receipts: IFS Code – SBIN0003160   Account N° 1023787603     

7 - Packing and shipping:

As soon as your donation has been received by Auroville’s Unity Fund, you can pick up the artwork gifted to you at the Unity Pavilion. You can also inform us of the friend who will pick it up in your place. We regret that we cannot manage packing and shipping, which will be organized and paid for by the donor. These costs are therefore not included in the amount you offer for an art work.

8 - Use of proceeds:

Full proceeds of the art exhibition are transferred to the Acres for Auroville campaign to be used exclusively by Auroville’s Land Board for land purchase. (1% of all donations go for supporting Auroville in general)  

We wish you a joyful experience in acquiring art works through Art for Land for the City of Dawn, and lasting delight in enjoying them!

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