‘Beauty is his footprint showing us where he has passed’


1 - Enjoy browsing the art works in the online gallery!

You can choose different options for viewing: By artist, by category of art, by minimal offering price, and by closing date.


2 - Click on any art work to get a closer view, details on art and artist, and an online enquiry / offering form.


3 - Ask your questions and make your offer through the form provided. Once you have submitted an enquiry or offer, you will receive a reply as soon as technically possible. This may occasionaly take a day or so.


4 - A friendly auction system:

Although each art work has an ‘Auction by’ date assigned, these dates are indicative and can be extended if practical needs demand it. We cannot and do not wish to use a typical online auction system - such as e-Bay - with the nail-biting tension in the hours and minutes approaching deadline.

If you have made an offer which has been exceeded by someone else’s, you will be informed and given reasonable time (we will wait to hear from you for a day or so) to make a counter-offer. From our side, we will do everything possible to assure efficient and timeous communcation with all parties.

A harmonious collaboration rather than competition is our basic principle, and we hope you will appreciate and support us in this approach.


5 - Price range:

In the spirit of free and generous donating (rather than the strained and profit-driven ‘game’ typically associated with auctions), no minimum prices or ‘present highest bids’ are indicated for the art works. However to give some basic indication, art works are categorised according to price range:

  • Under Rs. 2000
  • Under 8000
  • Under 20’000
 If your offer does not meet the reserve price, or has been exceeded by another bidder, you will be informed by email and be given sufficient time to increase your offer.
6. Payment and Tax Receipts
Winning bids are considered as land donations for helping to secure still-missing land in Auroville’s Master Plan area. Winning bids can be remitted by credit card via www.auroville.com/donations/ using the option: “Land Purchase - City Area & Master Plan Priority Plots - Acres for Auroville”. They can also be made in cash, by bank transfer or by check to “Auroville Unity Fund” specifying the purpose as \"Art for Land\" -  Account No. 252412. Land donations by Indian donors are eligible for tax exemptions under sections 80G and SSR 100% via 35(i)(iii), and we will send you a corresponding tax receipt. Foreign donors in countries offering tax exemptions must send their winning donation bid via the AVI center of the country where they pay taxes www.auroville-international.org/
7 - Packing and shipping:

Requirements and costs for packing and shipping (where direct pick-up isn\\\\\\\'t possible) vary vastly according to type of art work - size, weight, degree of fragility - and individual situation.  These costs are therefore not included in the amount you offer for an art work.

If you wish to have the art work mailed to an overseas address, you may wish to check the customs regulations of your country regarding any import duties.

The practical arrangements will vary from case to case and will be made each time individually.

- Use of proceeds:

Full proceeds of art sales are used directly for Auroville land purchases. In exceptional cases, a small portion (no more than 10%) may be used for expenses directly related to the preservation, display and sale of art works. Thanks to the generosity of everybody involved, this has not been necessary until now. Our books are rigorously kept by Jothi (LFAU) and Mandakini (initiator of A4A), and absolute transparency is paramount to us.


We wish you a joyful experience in acquiring art works through Art for Auroville Land, and lasting delight in enjoying them!