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Hardly Touching!

by Henk van Putten (Auroville)

Ref.No. 2017-s-1
Medium: Steel sculpture
Size: Height 2.5 m (250 cm)

Minimum Donation: Rs. 300000.00

About the Artist:

It is said, especially in constructive art, that “less is more”. The ideal would be a simple, strong, shape, well made and of interesting construction. For the past forty years I have been trying to make such work, but I still struggle with contradictory considerations: leaving things out (like surfaces) can lead to objects which do not look simpler, but, on the contrary, more complex. Presenting a geometrical idea in a beautiful way sits in the way of presenting it in an understandable way. These days, I notice that considerations of ‘beauty’ are of less concern to me than they used to be; it is the geometrical idea, the play with newly discovered ratios, which takes precedence.

Website: www.henkvanputten.com

Video (with interview in Dutch)


This sculpture is currently displayed at the Auroville Visitors Centre. Art ref. no. 27

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