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The Opposits

by Aparajita Barai (Auroville)

Ref.No. 281APA
Medium: Pen on paper (art print)
Size: 43x 30 cm

Minimum Donation: Rs. 5700.00

About the Artist:

Aparajita Barai is a graphic designer and an artist. She has graduated from National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad and completed her masters with a distinction in Design for Communication from University of Westminster, London.

Her work shows influence from the folk style and reveals the intricacy of traditional Indian art form. Mythology and spirituality predominantly mark her subject.

Her motive and mission is to re-stir Indian spirituality and philosophy and present it with personal quest. She aims to dig out the ancient treasures, meanings and possibilities that have got submerged under the ceremonial practices.

BELOVED INDIA (www.belovedindia.com) is her brainchild


The co-existing of opposite qualities in harmony is explained in Yin and Yang. The similar is expressed through "ardhnarishwar". In this, the merging of the opposite qualities are shown within own-self, the psyche of a balanced mind that has achieved the Yin and Yang, the Shiv and Parvati, Purush and Prakriti in perfection. Here the feminine and masculine qualities are not defined by rigid boundaries in two separate bodies. The opposites here exist within own self balancing the traits and nature. This is a picture of that enlightened mind

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