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Divine Denizen

by Ritam Upadhyay (Madhya Pradesh)

Ref.No. 2017-p-196
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 90 x 60 cm with wooden box frame

Starting Donation Bid: Rs. 25000.00

Current Bid: Rs. 0.00

End date of auction sale: 2017-02-25

About the Artist:

Ritam Upadhyay from Ratlam, M.P.

My journey as an artist begins somewhere in childhood; playing with lines in all possible curves to amaze my soul, Beauty’s expression found an encompassing whole in wonderful ways. Brought up in a family of devotees of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo the spiritual ideals of Art are my natural inspiration in poetry and painting.

I have put exhibitions at many places in India including Auroville on Spiritual significance of flowers, Nature and Krishna.


‘Divine denizen’ especially made for this event of ‘Art for Land’ represents the Nature’s privilege to be a part of the Mother’s creation. Be it the vegetal world or the world of creatures,  all are there  adding to the harmony and beauty  of Her Vision in manifestation. 

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