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Caché–Trouvé (Hidden–Found)

by Arlet Rochini (Auroville)

Ref.No. 2017-p-197
Medium: Acrylic on wood
Size: 75 x 50 cm

Starting Donation Bid: Rs. 3500.00

Current Bid: Rs. 0.00

End date of auction sale: 2017-02-25

About the Artist:

Arlet Rochini has been trained at Higher School of \\\"Beaux Arts\\\" for 5 years. She is specialised in architectural design and inteior decoration.

Her passion for colours and cinema opens to the artist the door of aesthetics about the lighing and organisation of space. The painting and compositions well determined by Arlet Rochini situate themselves  between the comics and street art. They give us the impression of colour sensibility of an artist well established.