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Transformation Series

by Adil Writer (Auroville)

Ref.No. 266ADW
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas streched on wooden frame
Size: h 2m; base 45 X varying width

Minimum Donation: Rs. 2200000.00

About the Artist:
Adil Writer is a ceramic artist, painter and architect from Bombay, currently living and working in Auroville, where he is a partner at Mandala Pottery which produces functional tableware, assorted ceramic items, and architectural ceramic murals & installations. From his own studio at Mandala, he creates his own line of studio pottery.
Website: http://www.adilwriter.com



once were barcodes

 “I call this the TRANSFORMATION series. What started as a fascination of working with the aesthetic of a barcode as a symbol, has moved on to its deconstruction. This is a set of acrylic-on-canvas paintings, stretched around wooden frames where the visual changes intriguingly, depending on the viewer’s vantage point. I have tried to position the canvas as an object instead of a crucifix immutably hung on a wall. Perspective being everything, the visual arranges itself into a barcode; satisfying the human mind into seeing a form that it forever tries to seek.”

Being more known for my claywork than paintings, the painted surfaces almost look ceramic. “I aspire to a palette of colours and textures on canvas that I cannot attain in heady cone ten firings of my claywork. In my paint mixes, I pour, stir and sprinkle various ceramic ingredients…. powdered clays, grog and sand, glues and resists. Resultant surfaces crackle, rapture, crinkle and hiss. This gives the canvas a “clay-ey” feel, inviting the viewer to come closer …and experience the tactile on canvas. This whole “please do not touch” is such a ridiculous note at most shows. I invite the viewer to come up-close and get personal with my works. After all, it’s the Transformation series!”

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