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Coconut Tree

by Lippi Parida (Pondicherry)

Ref.No. 2017-p-149
Medium: water colour on paper
Size: 37 x 45 including frame

Starting Donation Bid: Rs. 1000.00

Current Bid: Rs. 1500.00

End date of auction sale: 2017-02-25

About the Artist:

A self taught artist, Lippi Parida uses the medium of watercolors to interpret things around her. She has held exhibitions all over the country of India , from Arunachal Pradesh to Goa. She likes to call her paintings her CREATIONS. Her paintings have also been shown at the Rasthrapati Bhavan in Delhi. She likes to tell stories through her paintings and vibrant use of colors is her forte.


This is a special Coconut tree. Every morning I say hello to it, stroke its trunk and count the coconuts on it. I also like to paint it over and over like a favorite friend and taste its sweet coconut water.

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