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wild orchids

by Marlenka (Auroville)

Ref.No. 275MAR
Medium: Water Colour on Paper
Size: 36 X 38 cm

Minimum Donation: Rs. 10000.00

About the Artist:

Sri Aurobindo has said that all life is yoga; my sense is that that being so, creating works of Art must surely be part of that, done consciously, offered to the Divine. So, to do one\\\'s best to create something of beauty, seems to be a fine thing.

Inspired by a mixture of styles ranging from Asian Brush Painting, Calligraphy, floral water colors, I paint. Sometimes on wood, canvas, stone, and/or paper.

Of teachers over the years, in various countries, there have been several, for short periods of time. Due to other strong calls in life I haven\\\'t painted regularly. A situation that finally, in the winter of my life, is changing; now the brush and the colors call to me  irresistibly ..... Draw! Paint! Play music! Trusting this to be, for me, a conscious path toward self-surrender, I\\\'m heeding the call .....


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